How To Cure & Stop Bruxism, Teeth Grinding Or Teeth Clenching

Teeth grinding, in clinical terms, is also known as bruxism.

Simply put, this just means that you are either consciously or unconsciously clenching your teeth throughout the day or while you are asleep.

Teeth grinding, or bruxism, is thought of as both a dental and medical problem. This is mainly because not only does it affect your teeth and all the structure around your teeth, it also affects your head.

Teeth grinding normally happens when you are asleep. I am sure you must have experienced sharing a room with someone who snores? Well, teeth grinding is actually as common as snoring. Even though the sound of teeth grinding may not be as loud as someone snoring, it can be similarly as bothersome.

Why do people grind their teeth? There may be a number of reasons – doctors think that stress causes it while dentists think that it happens because your teeth are not properly aligned with each other. To find out more about teeth grinding causes, have a look at this.

Teeth Grinding, Teeth Grinding Disease, Teeth Grinding Cures, Bruxism Disease, Bruxism, Teeth Clenching Cures, Teeth ClenchingTeeth grinding does not just happen to adults but to kids as well. As a parent, you may find it irksome when your child grinds his teeth in his sleep. Although adults get it worse when it comes to teeth grinding, this does not mean that you should not bring your child to the dentist to have the problem checked, if possible. Children will typically overcome their teeth grinding habits but if you will like to find out more on how teeth grinding actually affects your child, read this insightful article here.

On that same note, children will normally get over teeth grinding because they still have their baby teeth which will be replaced sooner or later by a permament set of stronger and more aligned teeth. Adults on the other hand do not have that luxury as their teeth are permament –  adults may therefore run into some complications of teeth grinding.

Teeth Grinding, Teeth Grinding Disease, Teeth Grinding Cures, Bruxism Disease, Bruxism, Teeth Clenching Cures, Teeth ClenchingWhen you think about teeth grinding, you may not think of it as a major problem or health issue. However, it can still bring about many problems to your mouth, face and jaw, causing issues like broken dentures, missing teeth and other problems. It is therefore essential that as an adult, you visit a dentist to check on your teeth grinding habit before any serious problems are formed.

How do you know if you suffer from bruxism? Of course, knowing the symptoms of teeth grinding helps! The symptoms of bruxism may be quite different, depending on the causes though. So if your sleeping partner or roommate tells you that you are clenching your teeth in your sleep, do try and consult a dentist as soon as possible. Dentists are the professionals when it comes to teeth grinding and can help you confirm through a series of tests and exams if you are indeed suffering from bruxism. The teeth grinding diagnosis is normally performed at a dental clinic.

Once the teeth grinding diagnosis confirms that you are suffering from bruxism, the dentist will try to find a solution for you. These teeth grinding cures will depend on what is causing the problem in the first place. For example, as mentioned above, if the reason is owing to stress, he may refer you to a psychiatrist for therapy to reduce stress levels to see if that may help solve the problem.

If theTeeth Grinding, Teeth Grinding Disease, Teeth Grinding Cures, Bruxism Disease, Bruxism, Teeth Clenching Cures, Teeth Clenching cause of your teeth grinding is owing to the actual alignment of your teeth, the dentist may suggest that he customizes a night mouth guard for your teeth instead.

If your teeth grinding is causing more serious health issues, like jaw problems, the dentist will refer you to a doctor first to fix those problems. Once the other problems have been treated and taken care of, the dentist will then proceed with the necessary treatment and procedures to treat and get rid of teeth grinding for you.

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